Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can I feed cinnamon sticks to rats?

I have been drinking a lot of spiced cider lately and it just seems that I am wasting the cinnamon sticks when I throw them away. They seems like perfect rat chew toys. They are rather old and brittle. Would it be safe for the rats to eat them?Can I feed cinnamon sticks to rats?
i wouldnt, unless u really dont care about ur rats. but maybe ask a pet store or something.

oh and just so you know, cinnamon sticks can be re-used. my family always rinces them off and dries them and puts them back in the jar. they can probably be used at least 3 times. if u find that disturbing or gross or if you like suck on ur cinnamon sticks and others in your house use them too then i wouldnt do that.

that was just a helpful hint so u dont feel as wasteful!!

as for the rat part, umm ask somewhere else. not here. u dont know what kind of strange people are on Y!A (haha, like me!)

good luck!Can I feed cinnamon sticks to rats?
no your rat could get sick.

but if you don't want to trow them away my aunt rinses the cinnamon stick of and put them in a jar.they could be used at lest 3 times.but that's if you want.

no do you wanna kill im

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